The All Cities Branch, was established in Huntington, New York twenty-one years ago. Originally our members were from many states and cities, hence the All Cities Branch title. Today, our members are based in many cities, primarily on Long Island, We connect with our local communities through art exhibits and poetry readings. We welcome new members in the the disciplines of art, music, film, writing and more - as specified by the National League.

"All Cities", is a branch of the National League of American Penwomen with its historic headquarters in Washington D.C. The League has been active in bringing creative women together since 1897.
member news
The All Cities Branch holds quarterly meetings to discuss future and ongoing projects.

upcoming exhibits
The All Cities Branch will exhibiting at the Huntington Library Gallery in Huntington, New York on September 3 - 29th 2022. An Artist's Reception will be held on Saturday September 17, from 2-4 pm, featuring a reading between 3-4 pm by poet Anna Di Bella.

member news
We feature a poem by founding member Anna Di Bella, who initiated the development of the All Cities Branch and was also its first president. Anna later served as president of the national organization in Washington, DC. from 2004 to 2006.

I Trust

I have trust in the mist that disappears,
the dusk that firms itself in blue-black skies,
and in you who hold my secrets in your limbs.

I have trust in the weak winds that gather as we sleep,
the milk-white moon who watches from above,
and in you who have multiplied my pleasures

I have trust in the strong-willed hemlocks,
the penitential daffodils that pierce the ungreen ground,
and in you, the relic of my thirst for dreams.

I have trust in the pure who divine mysteries,
in the straight-arrow martyrs who bear their daily crosses,
and in you, who have borne my imperfections.

What is it that I will trust when I am dying?
What promised wishes will I rely upon?
That I will have you beside me, or waiting in that last somewhere.

And that will be enough.