fran rosen
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As a young girl growing up in Connecticut, my mother, who was a painter, was my first teacher.

Her medium was watercolor and that became my choice as well. The Connecticut landscape is lovely and created a wonderful rich source for inspiration. After taking additional lessons from a local Connecticut artist, I began to use acrylic paints. Oils became my next medium and remain my favorite. When I came to Long Island to study at Adelphi University, my major was Nursing and I took many studio art classes and audited others.

As a Health Education teacher, I often used art to enhance the learning of sensitive health topics. My own artwork has evolved over the years becoming expressive landscapes and while depicting the natural world with realism and in abstract terms. My art reflects my concerns about the environment and my reaction to the real world. As a Health Educator, I incorporated art into the teaching of sensitive health topics, encouraging students to explore their ideas and feelings more easily.

My own art has taken many directions, all have helped me cope with life situations in a positive way. My paintings, when looked at as a whole, have provided me with such joy in their creation. Creating art provides me much happiness and I am continually excited to begin new and challenging projects.